Contemporary Elegance Coming to PAC Thornleigh

PAC Thornleigh is about to receive a refurbishment that will be more fitting for our valued people who live and work there. The new design is cohesive, with a more elegant and contemporary ambience. 

Refurbishment involves making larger state-of-the-art private rooms with ensuites in the existing building and developing additional ones on an expanded footprint. 

North facing community sitting rooms and lounges will be added as well as two levels of solariums on the east side facing onto a beautifully landscaped courtyard. There will be covered ambulance drop off, visitor site parking, reception, large dining and servery, hair salon, activities room, outdoor balconies, BBQ and gazebo, interactive garden beds and a large conservatory for relaxation. 

The staging has been carefully designed to allow residents and staff to remain living and working during the construction time with minimal impact and will commence at the end of 2016. Completion is anticipated to take 18 months. The future is looking wonderful!