Growing Excitement as The Terraces Take Shape

There is a sense of growing excitement across Presbyterian Aged Care (PAC) as The Terraces at Paddington enter a landmark year in 2017.

By the end of this year, Stage One of The Terraces will officially open.  Our first retirement village residents will enter in November 2017.  In the same month, the brand new 100-bed residential aged care facility will open, with the existing 88-bed facility built in the 1970s closing its doors.

The building project is proceeding apace:

  • ​​All the structural work on the five-storey Bradley Apartments building (containing 10 independent living units) is complete, with fitout now occurring.
  • The fifth storey of the six-storey Mackie Building residential aged care facility is now under construction.
  • The basement parking levels are undergoing final fitout.

All building projects throw up their challenges, and this one has been no exception.  The main culprit in this case has been the heritage-listed former Scottish Hospital building (to be known as the Scottish Apartments in its new guise as 9 independent living units).  PAC and the builder Multiplex knew from the start how complex the refurbishment of a building dating back to the 1840s would be.  It has proved every bit of that.  Multiplex is dealing with termite damage, poor historic building practices, contamination challenges, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, we have experienced a delay due to the collapse of the foundations to a wall in the eastern side of the heritage building.  This eventually required us to go to the Land & Environment Court late in 2016 to resolve how Multiplex could safely and legally proceed with necessary demolition and restoration work.  While work has now resumed, there are still complications in finishing the refurbishment work.

As a result, the 13 independent living units in the Scottish Apartments and Gatekeepers Apartments (new building) at the south end of the site will now be completed in early 2018.

Stage Two (construction of 52 independent living units in the new MacCormick Apartments building) will commence in November 2017 once the existing PAC Paddington aged care building is vacated.  The whole project will be complete by April 2019.

The work has proved fascinating to the residents living in PAC Paddington aged care facility.  Many's the time you can find our residents sitting outside in the sun observing the trucks come and go, the huge crane at work and the buildings rising from the deep hole for the basement levels.

We would also like to pay our compliments to the staff, residents, families and visitors to PAC Paddington, who are putting up with the disruption to their lives with minimal complaint.

It also pleasing to report a high level of interest in the new retirement village, with three quarters of the independent living units available in Stage One pre-sold and a waiting list already in place when we open Stage Two inquiries shortly.  We anticipate a similar strong interest in the residential aged care service.

The Terraces at Paddington is a transformative project for PAC.  It is also the largest building project ever​ undertaken by an arm of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales.  The PAC Committee and management team appreciate your prayers and support for this endeavour.  We cannot wait to provide accommodation and care for the older people who will live with us there, with a commitment to excellence inspired by the teachings of the Lord Jesus.

Paul Sadler