The Life in Brian

The Life in Brian shines out of him as he goes about his every day.

For the past ten years he has been a regular volunteer at Presbyterian Aged Care (PAC) Thornleigh (AKA Ashleigh Lodge) every day.  With his happy positive disposition, kind heart and faithful dedication, he spends time with residents who don't have many visitors, assists with meals and also the resident activities. To the PAC staff and residents he is part of their 'family'. The feeling is mutual.  Brian attends many of the resident's funerals and often accompanies family members and staff as they pay their respects. 

Prior to becoming a volunteer, Mr O'Reilly would visit his partner at Thornleigh who was a resident for eight years. Mr O'Reilly lives independently and often gives staff a lift to the train station on his way home.

Weekends, however, belong to Brian and his family whom he visits on the Central Coast - just a few hours' drive away. 

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