Newsletter January 2017

Recreational activities plays a very important role in aged care. This is achieved through the facilitation, co-ordination and planning of leisure and recreational programs that are designed to support, challenge and enhance the psychological, social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical well-being of individuals. Leisure is something we do that makes us happy. The activities provide happiness, creativity, fun, a sense of belonging and a way for the residents to express themselves.

At Ashleigh lodge we provide a wide range of activities to suit the resident's needs.

Like gardening, planting seeds in the pot and the residents love sitting outdoors and then they take turns watering the pots.

Balloon tennis, we use a balloon and rackets and the residents get to hit the balloon over to the other resident, it’s good for hand and eye co-ordination. Exercise is very important for our residents’ well-being, we provide exercise classes twice a week, we do arm and leg exercises, also use therapy bands for muscle strength and dumb bells.

Monthly bus trips is a favorite, we rotate the residents to have a turn. Some popular spots that we took the residents are Brooklyn, where they got the amazing water view, Apple Tree Bay, Nursery garden was a big hit for the residents as they got to touch the plants, which is a sensory stimulation and also enjoyed walking through naming the different plants, especially for those people who enjoy gardening and love flowers. We also got to see Christmas street lights in December, and they were amazing, the residents were smiling the whole time. 

We have arranged a mini farm to show the resident, the farm animals, residents love to touch them, feed them and cuddle them. 

Quiz is also a big hit as the residents love answering general knowledge questions, it gives them a sense of achievement. We have arts and craft, where the residents get to make different things such as paper folding, colouring, painting. This is where the residents can really express themselves.

We have quite a numbers of Chinese residents stationed in Ashleigh lodge and we have provide a numbers of activities like mahjong, Chinese Chess, Chinese Checkers, Chinese aero plane board game, Chinese domino game which give the resident their usual routine which they have played before. We have monthly Chinese concerts from the church, who came along to sing old Chinese folk music to the residents and majority of the residents really follow the rhythm, clapping and singing together.

These activities will encourage residents to lead a busy, meaningful and healthy life, to learn new things, acquire new skills.

We have RAOs at Ashleigh lodge who can speak English and Chinese to the residents. We also have volunteers from CVS that come and talk to our isolated residents who don’t get many visitors and that brightens their day.

Leisure and lifestyle will always be an important part of the residents life and its’ such a wonderful and rewarding feeling to know we are contributing to the lives of our residents.


By Maryum Hassan and David Tong

(Recreational Activities Officers)

Ashleigh Lodge. 2017