Canberra Respite - Theodora’s Place

Canberra Respite - Theodora’s Place

95 Groom Street, Hughes ACT 2605
02 6283 4999


As one of Canberra’s longest serving aged care facilities, St Andrew’s Village is now offering Centre-based Respite, funded by the Australian Government, through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), so that as a carer, you can take a well-earned break. Taking a regular break means that you are able to go out, catch up on things you’ve been meaning to do or have a well-earned rest.
The Respite Day Care centre, known as Theodora’s Place is located at St Andrews Village, 95 Groom St, Hughes, and operates 3 days per week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9am to 5pm.
If you are caring for:

  • frail aged Australians (aged 65 and over, or 50 years and over if Indigenous);
  • people with dementia; or
  • people with dementia and changed behaviours,

Please contact us on 02-6283 4999 for assistance and advice. 
An assessment will be made on eligibility for the Centre-based Respite based on individual needs of carers and care recipients. A nominal fee will be charged per day. 
Theodora’s Place can help you take a regular break and take some time for you.


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