Presbyterian Aged Care Hunter (Stockton)

Presbyterian Aged Care Hunter (Stockton)

128 Fullerton Road, Stockton NSW 2295
1800 722 679

Presbyterian Aged Care - Hunter (Stockton) provides a wide range of assistance to support people to continue living independently in their own home.

Presbyterian Aged Care uses an enablement approach to assist our community recipients. Concentrating on an holistic, person centred approach, our Package Advisors work closely with each care recipient to ensure their independence is maintained at all times. We do this by looking at the individual steps in each task and help the recipient identify what they can do and our staff assists with the areas they may experience difficulty with. We also work with recipients to help them regain or learn new ways to do tasks so they can continue to be independent.

Hunter can offer a range of Home Care Packages (Levels 1 - 4) across the Newcastle and Port Stephen’s Local Government areas. Our services range from low level care, to caring for people with high or complex needs who wish to remain in their homes.

Presbyterian Aged Care offers CHSP Domestic Assistance services which helps our clients with household tasks such as cleaning, washing and ironing.

If you’re a carer of an older person we offer both CHSP Centre-based and Flexible Respite services. Whether it be shopping, going to the doctor or simply needing a break, we know that carers need some time to themselves and our program provides peace of mind knowing that the older person is receiving quality care and engaged in stimulating activities while you have time to do what you need to do.

Complementing these services is CHSP Allied Health Services. At Wescott we organise physiotherapy, podiatry, nutrition education, visits from Hearing Australia, hairdressing, opportunities for socialising, browsing our library or using the computer to explore the internet.

Our Wellness Centre is located in Stockton, and transport can be provided to assist people to attend from neighbouring areas.


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Home Care Packages - Levels 1 - 4
CHSP Allied Health
CHSP Domestic Assistance
CHSP Centre-based Respite
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