Residential Care

Caring people, loving support

Welcome to our residential care and dementia care homes where our caring, skilled staffs’ main focus is YOUR needs. Enjoy the beautiful gardens, participate in our social activities and personalise your room. During your stay, you are sure to feel at home with us.


Recreational activities plays a very important role in aged care. This is achieved through the facilitation, co-ordination and planning of leisure and recreational programs that are designed to support, challenge and enhance the psychological, social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical well-being of individuals. Leisure is something we do that makes us happy.

PAC Thornleigh is about to receive a refurbishment that will be more fitting for our valued people who live and work there. The new design is cohesive, with a more elegant and contemporary ambience. 

Refurbishment involves making larger state-of-the-art private rooms with ensuites in the existing building and developing additional ones on an expanded footprint. 

We were delighted to receive a quantity of beautifully knitted and crotchet rugs from the Presbyterian Womens Association.

There were enough to go around to all our residents, and some over to Have in our lounge rooms and keep in our bus, for outings