Paddington - The Terraces

Paddington - The Terraces

74 Brown St, Paddington, NSW, 2021
1800 708 067

The Presbyterian Church through Presbyterian Aged Care (PAC) are currently re-developing the 1.5 hectare Scottish Hospital site in Paddington, one of Sydney’s most affluent eastern suburbs.

The development includes:

· Replacement of the existing 88 bed residential aged care facility with a new 100 bed facility including a 20 bed dementia unit;

· Construction of 70 new seniors independent living units in four new buildings;

· Adaptive conversion of the Scottish Hospital heritage building to contain nine (9) seniors apartments with the retention and restoration of heritage features such as the terraced gardens;

· Creation of space for future community care programs as well as a range of amenities for residents and visitors; and

· Dedication of land to Woollahra Council to expand the public park on the northern boundary of the site known as Dillon St Reserve

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